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Information Page

Editorial objective

Library Review aims to provide an international communication link between researchers, educators and library professionals in academic, public, company and other libraries by publishing papers which have been reviewed by the Editor and one or more reviewers, double-blind.


  • Developing information services
  • Hybrid and digital libraries
  • Information literacy and e-learning
  • Metadata and distributed searching
  • Library collaboration and resource sharing
  • Library history
  • Libraries, information and society
  • Training and professional development
  • Academic and public libraries
  • Special libraries and collections
  • Information strategy and knowledge management
  • National and international policy


Library Review publishes comprehensive papers by internationally acknowledged experts in the field of library and information management, offering technical and scholarly analysis alongside lively, topical discussions of current and future trends. It draws contributions from all over the world to give a genuinely international look at the current scene.

Key benefits

All contributions represent totally independent viewpoints, so that a wide spread of theory, opinion and research interpretation is expressed. In addition, a substantial reviews section offers in-depth appraisal of important books on library and information management. Reading experiences, views and reports from libraries all over the world allows professionals to gain a wide perspective on developments in their profession and distil useful facts for their own use.

Key journal audiences

  • Academics and other interested library users
  • All practising information professionals
  • All practising librarians
  • Library and information teachers and researchers
  • Practitioners in related fields such as the book trade and communications

Library Review is indexed and abstracted in:

  • zetoc
  • Bulletin des Bibliotheques de France
  • Current Awareness Abstracts
  • Current Index to Journals in Education
  • Emerald Management Reviews
  • Information Science & Technology Abstracts
  • The Informed Librarian
  • Library & Information Science Abstracts
  • Library Literature and Information Science
  • Educational Research Abstracts
  • Scopus